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Update V1.2 (biggest update after leaving early access) :-}
Hello, Yerba Mate Tycoon has left early access a few months ago (3 Sep, 2021), from time to time, I was developing "smaller" updates with bug fixes, translation...
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Yerba Mate Tycoon is Out Of Early Access
Hello, Yerba Mate Tycoon is Out Of Early Access, I got some questions, and I would like to answer them all :-} 1. What about the Android/IOS version? I'm workin...
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Update 0.240 - 0.550 (1 Month +)
Hello, I'm still working on the game, in 1 month + (~38days) I had changed tons of things :-} Full changelog: 0.55 (Steam Early Access) - 18.08.2021 - Premium a...
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Update 0.161 - 0.230 (1 Month +)
Hello, I'm still working on the game, in 1 month + (34 days) I had changed tons of things, and I'm working on tons of new things, every aspect of the game has g...
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Update 0.16
0.16 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 07.06.2021 Exp gained from yerba creation is now based on the rate + yerba quality (before, it was the only rate). Added option...
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Update 0.153
0.153 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 05.06.2021 Added tons of new tooltips Bug fixes...
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Update 0.152
0.152 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 04.06.2021 Added Uranium Additive event + we need to unlock uranium (now it's locked by default) Tons of bug fixes :D...
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Update 0.151
Time for new update :-} 0.151 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 29.05.2021 Yerba rates now count workers on training/vacations, etc. (it could cause a dumb situation)...
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StickyGeneralJoin us on Discord
started by DonislawDev May 20, 2021
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Hello, all translations (except English'/Polish) are done by community users. First, I would thank you all for this grea...
started by DonislawDev May 20, 2021
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New changelogs can be found at this link: Changelog 0.17 (Non-Steam Early Access) - 13.06.2021 Hired worker's salaries w...
started by DonislawDev Apr 23, 2021
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