Update 0.240 - 0.550 (1 Month +)

Hello, I'm still working on the game, in 1 month + (~38days) I had changed tons of things :-}

Full changelog:

0.55 (Steam Early Access) - 18.08.2021

- Premium additives are now locked at the start, we need to research them, they give a bonus. Diamond cost $10M, but it raises max yerba price by a lot, it's the next part of the game strategy system.

- More additives are now locked at the start (we need to research them)

- Contract indicator + event indicator is now scaled with HUD scale setting.

- Spanish and German translation update, thanks :-}

- Other bug fixes

0.5 (Steam Early Access) - 11.08.2021

- Added new additive stats: Refreshment and aroma, some additives will change the refreshment and aroma of your products.

- Expanded information about the quality incident (added tooltip information to it).

- Added tooltip to yerba stats set.

- Added extra information about additive stat (when we chose it).

- % focus tooltips are now unlocked at the start at easy difficulty.

- Other bug fixes

0.42 (Steam Early Access) - 06.08.2021

- Some additives now got stimulation attribute, they can lower or raise the stimulation of the product.

- 2nd additive now needs to be unlocked (it's unlocked during game)

- Tons of improvements/bug fixes to tooltips system.

- Other bug fixes

0.41 (Steam Early Access) - 03.08.2021

- Added tons of new workers names

- Added new worker trait "lucky", a worker with this trait reduces the chance for a negative event during yerba creation.

- Fixed bug with missing translation for very high education and salaries.

- Fixed bug with infinite traits. Yep it was strange

- Other bug fixes

0.4 (Steam Early Access) - 01.08.2021

- Added option to sabotage enemy company (% chance depends on the researcher skills + sabotaged company level). If we fail we lose fans. If sabotage is a success, then we will lower the company shares price/price.

- Added new worker trait "Trainer", this trait will give experience to all other workers (very low number)

- Added new worker trait "Marketing expert" workers with this trait speed up marketing work.

- Increased music slider min value

- Improvements to the translation system

- Fixed bug with workers tooltips (sometimes they might not appear)

- Fixed bug with random tooltips appear (miss click)

- Other bug fixes

0.31 (Steam Early Access) - 25.07.2021

- Two last marketing actions got now a very small chance for a "special" effect. In which we can gain 100 hype or lose it to 0. 1/100 chance. The hype loss will only occur if we got low-skilled marketers.

- Added "max" button to loan

- Fixed rare bug with save compatibly.

- Fixed bug with yerba cancel

- Fixed bug with information panel (contracts and other) which could crash the game in the main menu

- Other bug fixes

0.3 (Steam Early Access) - 19.07.2021

- Added Chimarrao (Extra sales in Brazil, lowered in other countries, unlocked during gameplay or unlocked at start if we started in Brazil + few other things).

- Added simple help panel in main menu (right now it got only question about what is yerba)

- Other bug fixes.

0.25 (Steam Early Access) - 16.07.2021

Sorry for a small update, I'm still working on chimarrao, but I had to fix those things.

- German translation Update

- Excluded most "dynamic" musics form random musics chose.

- Chimarrao will be now unlocked at start for Brazil country.

- Fixed bug with release button and game pause

- Fixed bugs in new audio repeat system.

- Other bug fixes.

0.24 (Steam Early Access) - 15.07.2021

- Yerba with sales <0, will be now removed from the sales panel

- Fixed bug with staying sales panel, where there were no sales.

- Fixed bug with music switching when the game was paused.

- Fixed bug with settings and music track choice.

- Other bug fixes.


YMT (0.550).zip 66 MB
Aug 17, 2021
YMT(0_550)_Linux.zip 68 MB
Aug 17, 2021
YMT(0_550)_MacOS.app.zip 82 MB
Aug 18, 2021

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