Yerba Mate Tycoon is Out Of Early Access

Hello, Yerba Mate Tycoon is Out Of Early Access, I got some questions, and I would like to answer them all :-}

1. What about the Android/IOS version?

I'm working on it right now, but the tax/paperwork for it will take me 1-2 months or more? I don't really know, hard to say, you can join the newsletter, so you will get information when the Android/IOS version will come. I hate this paper/tax work, it takes so much time, it's so hard, but I need to do it :(

2. Why are you quitting early access?

- I want to port the game to Android/IOS.

- In those 3 months I had added what I wanted to see in the game

- Creation costs are higher than earnings from the game (right now total earnings from the game <0) because expenses are higher than earnings.

- I'm working on a new game

3. No more updates?

The last update was 3.09.2021, there will be more updates with bug fixes + translations updates, so this is not the last update. I mean, if someone in the future will discover a bug in the Android version, I will fix it, I will just port it to the PC version, same with bug reports I'm also always on the discord, I'm reading the game forum, and reviews, so I'm still here and open for bug reports :-} Bug fixes/translation --> they will come, new content --> Won't probably come

4. What about your statistics from game earnings and other things?

My last post was from early access, in a few months a post with stats will come, I'm not sure how I should set it up, should I separate Android/IOS earnings from Steam? Or combine them in a post? I want to avoid spamming, I will need to think about it.

I wanted to combine early access exit + Android/IOS release (I wanted to do both at the same time), but I got some papers problems with releasing the Android/IOS version, I want to avoid keeping the game in early access, and mislead potential buyers, so the game is leaving early access.

Thank you all for buying the game, playing it, reporting bugs, and a lot more :-}

Stay tuned for Android/IOS version + my new games in future (this one can take few years). Game is leaving early access, but I'm still here :-}


YMT (1.05).zip 66 MB
Sep 02, 2021
YMT_Linux(1_05).zip 68 MB
Sep 02, 2021
YMT_MacOS(1_05) 82 MB
Sep 03, 2021

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